Hello and welcome to my blog!!

I thought I’d start with a proper introduction of myself and the idea behind this blog before my first actor interview TODAY!

I discovered my addiction for performing when I was 11 years old. I auditioned for the title role in the musical Annie, won the role, and never looked back. There was a rush of adrenaline. It was thrilling. I wanted more.

Performing made me giddy. Standing on stage looking out at a smiling audience while I belted out,”Tomorrow,” a magical tingling in my soul confirmed that this is what I wanted to do with my life. This had to be my life’s purpose.

I continued doing musicals and plays, taking class, and falling in love with the craft through high school. I auditioned for 9 different colleges with Musical Theatre programs and by the grace of God got into Belmont University. The giddiness continued.

After four years of incredible friendships, two lead roles, and impressive growth I moved to New York City to continue on this path… creating in the real world.

I am lucky to had such a rich career right out of school performing Off Broadway, regionally, across the country on a National tour, and in various workshops and concerts in the big apple. I’ve found that in between contracts I crave connection, creative outlets, and comraderie the most. I think other actors can relate.

I got the idea for this blog after several cups of coffee. The idea took shape following an amazing run as Kathy Selden at a gorgeous outdoor theatre in Connecticut. I was anxious approaching this next chapter of unknowns. A career in theatre is uncertain, unpredictable… yet so thrilling at the same time.

A career in theatre is like a cup of coffee without the routine. The career can be dark and can burn you with rejection. Yet it can also make you giddy and excited and hopeful.

I see coffee as a routine. Every morning I get up eagerly knowing I get to drink this warm, delicious liquid. The smell is routine. My mugs are routine. It is constant and it is good.

Theatre is constantly taking new forms, emitting different smells, and is not always easy…but it makes us eager.

It encourages us to constantly set the bar higher, and find the giddiness.

I can’t wait to explore the highs and lows with New York actors.

Stay tuned, sip along, and ask yourself… what makes you giddy?


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