Theo Silverman & Piper Clurman: We’re all Special, but we all need to Work Harder


I met up with the two youngest actors we’ve had on the blog, Piper Clurman and Theo Silverman at Joe and the Juice. I’ve known Piper for one whole year, taking Piper around the city and helping her with her auditions. She and Theo have been friends since birth! Theo has been in the hit musical School of Rock for 15 months, launching their First National Tour and is now in the Broadway cast. The two recently began their own fashion blog called Lilysuki Style. They are two of the most mature eleven year olds I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. They shared with me what it’s like growing up in the city, their favorite things to do, their go-to fall fashion items, and their big dreams!


 AF: So what did you guys get? It’s not coffee!

TS: I got the Power Drink smoothie. It has strawberry, banana and milk and it tastes really good!

PC: And I got the Iron Man.

AF: Okay and what’s in that?

PC: Strawberry, kiwi, apple, and ginger.

AF: And you girls are obviously too young to drink coffee…

PC: I like it sometimes though.

TS: I don’t.

PC: I think I’ll like iced coffee.

AF: Well cheers! I got a Flat White. So when you go to the coffee shop what is usually the drink that you get? I ask everybody this!

TS: So when I go to Starbucks, for my Fall drink I get a hot Pumpkin Spice Latte.

AF: That has coffee in it!

TS: Yeah…but it tastes good to me! For a Frappuccino I usually get a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with caramel drizzled on it.

AF: That sounds so good.

PC: For a tea I get Strawberry Refresher with Passion Tea blended. And for a hot drink I get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. For Frappuccino I get something on the secret menu. It’s a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a pump of peppermint and chocolate chips.

AF: Wow you girls know all the secrets!

Both: We have the app!

AF: Okay- so everybody get the app! Okay so I want to know what it’s like to grow up in New York City. How do you think living in the city has helped shape who you are today? Who wants to start?

TS: I’ll start. So I’ve lived in Manhattan, New York my whole life. I’ve lived on the East side, and right now I’m living on the West side. I love living in New York because there’s always something new to explore that you can go and see. There are some really cool museums and restaurants and I love to explore! Even though I’ve lived here my whole life there are still so many things that I haven’t seen and want to see so much! Even today… there are still so many things I want to see but I can’t tonight because I’m seeing King Kong.

AF: You’re seeing King Kong!?

TS: Haha yeah!

AF: Such a city girl! Okay Piper, your turn.

PS: Like Theo said… there’s always something to explore. I think that’s so fun because in other places there isn’t as much to do! I’ve gotten to experience city life and country life because we have a beach house we go to on the weekends. I should probably mention Theo is NOT a country person. My mom had to carry her across the grass at my beach house. It was wet and we just threw her into the pool!

AF: That’s hysterical! So let’s talk about theatre. When did you guys discover that you love to perform?

PC: Together! We did Applause at three years old!

AF: Are you serious? That’s how you guys met each other?

PC: Our moms knew each other before we were born and were best friends, and so then we took Applause class and it was really fun!

TS: I got into theatre because I did a production of Annie Jr. with Thommie Rhetter and Laura Luc. I was in the ensemble and that’s when I decided I liked theatre. Then I got a manager and an agent who are both great!

AF: How old were you when you got your representation?

TS: I was about seven and then I got my first professional audition and that was for Ivanka in Once. I had two auditions and then I got it! I auditioned for School of Rock and I kept auditioning for the Broadway show and then they called me in for the tour and then I was cast as Katie, the bass player, and then from the tour they took me to Broadway to be a Swing and I LOVE it.

AF: You love being a swing?! How is it? How much notice do you get before each role?

TS: Well yesterday I was on for Summer, one of the leads! Usually I know an hour before the show! Say I did Summer yesterday and had to put me in for Marcy today… I would know an hour prior. I’ve only had one put-in ever!

AF: Well that’s amazing! Okay so Piper… I know your journey because I’ve taken you to so many auditions but tell us what it’s looked like so far!

PC: Okay so- when I was six I did Marymount Drama Camp and I did Peter Pan and I was one of the little fairies/ensemble. The next year I was in Aladdin  and I was Jasmine! Then I did Annie and I was an orphan. Then I did Aladdin again and was Princess Jasmine again!! And I started acting classes. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to play Junie B. Jones.  Right before I went to camp last spring I did a workshop with my acting coach Denise Simon and agents were invited. I wasn’t sure if I would be signed but an agent from Zuri called me back and now they’re my agency!

AF: Amazing!!! So what does a typical day in the city look like for you?

TS: For me it’s kind of like Groundhogs Day! I wake up, have breakfast, go to school, come back from school, do homework, go to the show, come home, go to bed…then the next day repeat!

AF: Same thing over and over!

PC: All of my after school activities during the week have to do with theatre. I have singing on Fridays, an audition will pop up here and there, and I have hip-hop and tap as well!

AF: So what are some of your dream roles??

TS: For me, I’d love to be in Once again but I’d want to play Girl.

PC: When I was younger I was obsessed with Matilda. I would also want to be one of the girls in Wicked. I love that show! I never get sick of that music.

TS: I was six when I saw it for the first time.

AF: You’ve got to see it again! So as young, aspiring actresses in the city… what are some quotes you like to apply to every day life, or what are some words of wisdom that maybe your parents have engrained in you?

TS: Never give up and keep pushing yourself. Our assistant producer of School of Rock always says, “You’re not special. Work harder.” We are all special but we all have to work harder if we want to get better.

PC: If you don’t get something, it doesn’t mean you’re not good it just means you have to keep trying. If you start off perfect there’s no way to get better.

AF: Right- if you start at the top…how can you grow? There’s no wiggle room to improve and get better. Who are some people you really look up to in Theatre or someone in this generation you think stands for something valuable.

TS: I look up to Tori Kelly and Stevie Wonder. I think it’s so cool that he’s blind and plays the piano…

AF: He defied odds!

PC: Sia. I think it’s so cool that she keeps her integrity and is true to her image. She stands up for herself.

AF: She’s very strong.

PC: And Demi Lovato. Her voice is amazing.

AF: Yes. Okay so now I want to talk about Lilysuki Style! Now that we’ve talked theatre… let’s talk about why you wanted to start Lilysuki and how that happened and what you talk about on your blog!

TS: Piper and I always kind of wanted to do a Fashion or a Beauty blog and then it kind of fell into place where our parents were like… “If you really want to do this, we will help you!” One day Piper came over to my apartment and we did a little photo-shoot and we were dressing in different styles of clothes. We dressed in hippie styles, rock-star, country… and then we got our Instagram account. It took a long time! September fourth was our official launch!

AF: Wow that sounds so official!

TS: Then after we had the photo-shoot we waited a little while to post our first post. The first day we posted, we got a bunch of followers! A couple of really cool fashion sites asked us if thy could send us…

PC: Yeah like four or five contacted us to see if they could send us accessories and clothing for us to wear and post!

AF: That’s so cool they want to sponsor you guys!

PC: Yeah it’s all sort of fallen into place!

AF: So who makes the posts, who decides what goes online?

TS: Mostly my mom.

PC: Yeah both of our moms work on it. My mom sends the post to Theo’s mom to approve.

TS: And then my mom writes the caption.

PC: My mom goes with us to all the places and takes all the photos.

AF: So where do you see Lilysuki going?

TS: Well we’re probably not going to be doing this when we’re twenty!

AF: It’s fun for you guys right now! Would you potentially want to do fashion when you’re older?

PC: Maybe! Both of our moms are in fashion… they’ve known each other since they were twenty-five years old! I could see my sister Charlie being into fashion. I think I could but I prefer performing. I’ve been singing since I was little.

AF: Sometimes you don’t choose what you want to do… it chooses you, right? Like you guys are so young but it’s pretty clear that you guys both love performing and find a lot of joy from it. You feel fulfilled when you’re in class or rehearsal… so Lilysuki is a good project to have on the side. I think you guys are SUPER fashionable! I think it’s a great idea. So, Lilysuki, can you tell me where to get the best sweaters, coats, and booties for Fall?

TS: I get most of mine at Zara and for boots… Zara and Doc Martins.

PC: Get all your shoes at Zara and Steve Madden! H & M also has some great things.

AF: I love H & M. So your top recommendations are Zara, H & M, and Forever 21.

TS: Amazon Fashion too!

PC: Forever21 has really cute plaid skirts right now!

TS: Jennifer Miller has amazing jewelry.

AF: Well I dressed up for you guys today because I knew you would talk fashion! Go and see Theo in School of Rock through January 20th and it’s just a matter of time before you see Piper in a TV show! Cheers.



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